Lets get Fabulous!

I have noticed since I was a teenager how women ‘let themselves go’ after they get in a long-term relationship or become a wife. I personally never have understood this. I personally think that a woman should always take pride in her appearance.

Your face holds the gateway to your soul, and your clothing is the beautiful wrapping paper that envelopes and secures the present inside it. The Lord says that a womans hair is her glory. Glory is defined as a : praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent : worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving giving glory to God.

My goal isn’t to make fun of the mom jeans and sweat pants. My goal is to show women the glory that comes with being a woman. The beautiful delicacy of our skin, and the voluptuous shape of our curves. The beauty that is defined by the contouring of our make up, the shape that our legs are given with the platform of our stilettos, and last but not least the movement and flow that our strands of glory give us.

There is a beauty and elegance that initially attracted your mate. There was a glow that surrounded you. A certain aspect about you caught their eye long enough to spark their curiosity. My job is to teach you how to feel that way about yourself. This is the time to fall in love with you. Right now. Today!

I dedicate myself to helping you develop yourself into the Empowered, beautiful, compassionate, soft, loving, glorious, victorious, and virtuous woman who God intended you to be. I love every single one of you already and I don’t even know who you are yet.

Your first step is to say the following passage to yourself today…

‘I am beautiful. I love myself. God loves me. I am not the body I am looking at, but I am the spiritual person that lies behind this. I will no longer allow myself to feel like my body isn’t good enough. As of today I will only complement my body, even when it doesn’t feel like I should. I will not speak lifeless words into my life or my body. I love my body, and now I will embark on a journey to mold my mind,body, and spirit into the form it was intended to be.’

Now share this blog with all the women that you want to bring along on this life changing movement! We are going to laugh, cry, heal, teach, and support each other to a better version of who we are now.

Love & Blessings



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