Are you headed to a Life Breakdown?

How many times a day are you all alone in silence? If you can’t say at least one time then you are on your way to a life break down. When you aren’t taking time to take care of yourself you are leaving the door open for the devil to come in and attack you. When we allow our cup to get half full we aren’t taking time to make sure that we are the women we need to be in our lives. You deserve to take care of yourself, and you deserve to have fun!

I really struggled with this when I started to build my family. I had no me time. It wasnt that there weren’t opportunities; it was that i felt so guilty while I was out that I would rather stay at home. At some point I started to associate fun with irresponsibility. I know the reason I thought this was because all I saw growing up was a lot of irresponsible adults. It was rare that I had an adult figure that was able to drink and have a party without fighting or arguing.

I had to learn how to stop associating myself with my wisdom. I had to learn that the wisdom the Lord gave me could easily become a curse if I didn’t look to him and learn how to use it. Not that because any part of your gift is bad it is because the devil is smarter than you. You only become smarter than the devil through Jesus taught lessons. You must learn to see that everything in life is a lesson.

The devil will manipulate your lessons in your mind to make you think that your lessons are who you are. Your childhood definatly had a large part in molding you, but it has not part in creating you. The Lord means for our times of suffering and pain to be used as a lesson plan not your life plan. Look back at your life and write down every single thing that hurt you. Live that moment feel that feeling and then let it go….LET IT GO!

Letting go of the past and the pain in the past isn’t saying that what those people did to you was ok. It’s saying that those things that happen hurt you; However, you learned a valuable lesson and you choose to take that lesson with you instead of dragging along the pain that came with that lesson. Your spirit is a living thing. Your spirit is going through real things. You want your spirit woman to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and your flesh to look like Barney Fife.

Every time you forgive your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. Every-time you silence yourself when you want to cuss and scream your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. Every-time you praise the Lord rather than question your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. There is true reward in allowing yourself to be molded into this level-headed, loving, caring, quiet spirit.

Imagine a life with no drama, no worry, no pain, and only tears of joy. This life is a realistic expectation and you are the only person that can get you there. Start taking control of your life and your part in it. No longer give others any power in your life. Learn to control yourself and find reward in becoming a woman who anyone could be proud of but most importantly a woman that you are proud of.

:Love & Blessings:



2 thoughts on “Are you headed to a Life Breakdown?

  1. I think you bring up one of the most important parts of life: quiet meditation. Prayer, quiet time – whatever you want to call it – is necessary to achieve peace in the mind and in the heart. And without that peace life becomes an impossibly overwhelming experience.

    Great post!

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