Are you headed to a Life Breakdown?

How many times a day are you all alone in silence? If you can’t say at least one time then you are on your way to a life break down. When you aren’t taking time to take care of yourself you are leaving the door open for the devil to come in and attack you. When we allow our cup to get half full we aren’t taking time to make sure that we are the women we need to be in our lives. You deserve to take care of yourself, and you deserve to have fun!

I really struggled with this when I started to build my family. I had no me time. It wasnt that there weren’t opportunities; it was that i felt so guilty while I was out that I would rather stay at home. At some point I started to associate fun with irresponsibility. I know the reason I thought this was because all I saw growing up was a lot of irresponsible adults. It was rare that I had an adult figure that was able to drink and have a party without fighting or arguing.

I had to learn how to stop associating myself with my wisdom. I had to learn that the wisdom the Lord gave me could easily become a curse if I didn’t look to him and learn how to use it. Not that because any part of your gift is bad it is because the devil is smarter than you. You only become smarter than the devil through Jesus taught lessons. You must learn to see that everything in life is a lesson.

The devil will manipulate your lessons in your mind to make you think that your lessons are who you are. Your childhood definatly had a large part in molding you, but it has not part in creating you. The Lord means for our times of suffering and pain to be used as a lesson plan not your life plan. Look back at your life and write down every single thing that hurt you. Live that moment feel that feeling and then let it go….LET IT GO!

Letting go of the past and the pain in the past isn’t saying that what those people did to you was ok. It’s saying that those things that happen hurt you; However, you learned a valuable lesson and you choose to take that lesson with you instead of dragging along the pain that came with that lesson. Your spirit is a living thing. Your spirit is going through real things. You want your spirit woman to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and your flesh to look like Barney Fife.

Every time you forgive your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. Every-time you silence yourself when you want to cuss and scream your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. Every-time you praise the Lord rather than question your spirit is strengthened and the devils defeated. There is true reward in allowing yourself to be molded into this level-headed, loving, caring, quiet spirit.

Imagine a life with no drama, no worry, no pain, and only tears of joy. This life is a realistic expectation and you are the only person that can get you there. Start taking control of your life and your part in it. No longer give others any power in your life. Learn to control yourself and find reward in becoming a woman who anyone could be proud of but most importantly a woman that you are proud of.

:Love & Blessings:



Redefine Yourself!!

How are you are going to change what you do if you don’t change who you are? I honestly don’t believe that’s possible or realistic. I am a woman of God and a believer in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ his son. 2 Corinthians 5:17 states “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” KJV. Amen! Isnt that such a relief to your spirit?

Maybe you don’t feel like you need or want to change who you are. If this is you I ask you to evaluate your life with an honest eye. Is there anything that you would like to change? Social Status? Relationship with your significant other? Career? Children? Parents? Friends? Family? Baby Mama? Baby Daddy? Your looks? Your body? Your attitude?  The list goes on and on. If you can say yes, then you have room for improvement and most importantly you have room for redefinition.

Redefining yourself isn’t changing everything about you. I see redefining yourself as the opportunity to be that woman you have always desired to be. Go back and think about the dreams that you had when you were 5 years old and your imagination was fresh and un corrupted. Allow yourself to be childlike sometimes. There is a refreshing feeling in imagination. Allow yourself to be creative. Make the time to read that book or paint that desire in your heart.

Redefining yourself allows you to love like you did before you were ever heartbroken. To embrace new people with open arms and love like you did before rejection. To pray for people you love and people you don’t like. You are allowing and teaching yourself how to be free. Your allowing yourself to be the person you were before the world started to abuse you. Dream like you did before your dreams were murdered. Forgive and forget like you did before your forgiveness was vandalized. Pray like you did before sin. Have faith in the Lord like you never have. All of these things are realistic expectations for your life.

Redefining yourself give you the freedom we all desire. Free yourself from stress and worry and replace that with prayer and knowing. I recently heard an interview with Oprah and Curtiss ’50 cent’ Jackson. Curtiss said to Oprah “I either pray or worry. I never do both”. This is one of the smartest quotes I have heard in a long time. If you have already asked God for something he has heard you and he will do it on his time. The best time.

Break yourself free of other people’s assumptions and past experiences with you and start to become that woman who you want to be. Please do not limit yourself for one more day. Smile everywhere you go, and show love to every person you see. Pray and ask God for the needs in your heart and belive and know that it has been done. Be confident. Be strong. Hold your head high. Keep your smile on bright.

Love & Blessings,


If you look good you feel good…If you feel good you DO good!

So yesterday we were talking about the love we need to have for ourselves and the pride that we need to take in our appearance.

I know that a lot of you are thinking that you do not have the time to worry about make up, and fashion isn’t as important as comfortable. The truth is that you do have the time. Make up doesn’t have to take that long. Not to mention, comfortable and fashionable is a realistic expectation.

Today we are going to talk about the easy steps to taking care of YOU first.

From now on you are an empowered, organized woman. Even if you aren’t there yet you are on your way so claim it and start living it. You are the woman who picks out her outfit and prepares for the morning rush the night before. You are the woman who has an up to date to-do list in her phone or purse every week. Not to mention your goal list that is fresh in your mind. Your calendar is up to date with all of your up coming events, and arrangements have been made for the night of.

Now a lot of you are reading the last paragraph and thinking “Yea Right”. I can understand that, but I cannot accept that. It is a proven fact that getting your life more organize reduces your stress, improves your mood and improves the flow of your day. I’m not asking you to have every step of your day planned, but I am saying that it is time to stop making excuses and time to start moving.

Start out today by…

1. Update your calendar:

Go thorough all your invites and appointment cards and get them all in one place. I am old-fashioned so I love to have a planner in my purse at all times that allows me to keep constant track of my appointments. I am also able to make notes of the events I did on a daily basis.

You never know when that little note in your personal calendar that you called the cable company to change your plan could turn into a life saver when they claim you never called. Keep track of your menstrual and any body changes so that when you go to the doctor you have accurate information.

Also, note the children’s accomplishments so that no matter when you get to that scrapbook and baby book you will have the information you need. You have no idea how keeping a calendar of your events will make you feel so in control of your life.

2. Get it together Honey…

Now that you have cleared up your schedule and you have the weeks ahead planned lets move on to some other things that need to get in order. Are you the type that is rushing out of the house every time you have somewhere to go? This can make it very hard to plan activities outside of the house if every experience is a hassle. Make it a point to plan out your day the night before. Pick out your outfits, pack your diaper bag, double-check your purse to make sure everything you need is in there. Put your keys and phone in the same place every night so that you aren’t frantically looking for them on the way out of the door…lastly double check everything!

When you prepare yourself for any activity you will come out on top! When we fail to plan we plan to fail. Set out your make up the night before. All any woman needs in her daily make-up routine is a foundation with SPF, black or brown mascara, and a nude or pink lip gloss. These 3 items are your ‘Fabulousity staples’. If you have 5-10 minutes to get dressed then plan on a classy high bun. Add a balm/oil/mousse to your hair slick it back in a pony tail and wrap the excess hair around the hair tie. If you have more time then you can always curl just the top 2 layers of your hair and bump the ends of the last layers for a fresh style that looks like you just stepped out of a salon. Add a little volume spray to the roots for a fuller look.

Looking for a casual but cute outfit? Try leggings with long tank top or blouse and a blazer. Match that with some earrings and flats and you are ready to go. This outfit flatters all figures, budgets, and most importantly it is mom friendly.

3. Dare to Dream

Pick a day of the week or month that you will dedicate to self-reflection. Make notes of things you want to change. Things that you have improved on and things that you want to explore. Search resorts in your area that you would like to visit and add that to your goal list. Make a budget for the life that you want to live one day to see what salary you need to be working towards.

If you have been wanting to take a Zumba class but aren’t sure if you’ll like it. Then contact the centers in your area and see if there is a drop in rate or a free session for curious consumers. If your goal is to surround yourself with like mind people then try out a new church. Spend your Saturdays mornings at Starbucks or the park. You must get out of your element to truly see what it is that you want to do.

4. Your happiness…

This is the most important step so make sure you are listening. Bananas are red!…Hun?! Ok, you’re listening so I can move forward. I will repeat that this is the most important step! This is the time that you don’t have time to listen to anyone but yourself and God. This is the time when you are going to learn that you do not have to limit your expectations for your life. You will become a creator of your future. You will be the voice you allow to motivate you. Do this and it wont be long before you are exactly where you want to be.

The reason this step is so important is because a lot of us become almost dependent on someone elses opinions of us. This is so dangerous. Be aware of yourself. You are the only person that can keep you from the destiny that has been chosen for you and waiting for you. The people we normally trust with our passions and dreams are people we love and trust. Even still we must remember that the devil will use anyone to distract you. The devil will use the people you love and trust the most to put the biggest stumbling block in front of us. Allow me to explain that these people aren’t coming at you with the intent to hurt you or distract you. Dont blame them. Never allow your past or present be an excuse of why you aren’t moving forward.

You are fully capable of making the changes you desire right now. You can completely be made over today. Am I the only person who went though a time so hard that you just wanted to press the restart button? Felt so discourage and so far away from any type of goal or dream that the steps you were making felt purposeless? I went through a time that was so damaging to my spirits that I just felt lost. I was praying. I was studying the word of God, but I still was feeling like I wasnt good enough.

I felt like I wasnt holding up my end of the bargain because I went from a working Mother to a stay at home Mother. I went around thinking that my husband was disappointed in me. That my grandfather was so in need of me that I didn’t need to worry about myself. I didn’t just need a visually pleasing make over I needed a spiritual make over. I realized that the outside was just a reflection of what I was truly feeling on the inside. There wasnt anything my husband was doing wrong. There was nothing my family was doing wrong. There was something that I was doing wrong. I needed to quit being the hostess of my own pity party.

I woke up every morning just knowing it was going to be a crazy day. I had to learn how to stop speaking pollution into my life. I had to start speaking beautiful fragrant acres of wild flowers, roses, gardenia, and Trees of life, bushes of fruitful berries. The good thing is amazing things can grow from the garbage that we have inside of us. Like the Gospel singing group Mary Mary sings “We all need a little bit of dirt to grow”…

Love & Blessings,


Lets get Fabulous!

I have noticed since I was a teenager how women ‘let themselves go’ after they get in a long-term relationship or become a wife. I personally never have understood this. I personally think that a woman should always take pride in her appearance.

Your face holds the gateway to your soul, and your clothing is the beautiful wrapping paper that envelopes and secures the present inside it. The Lord says that a womans hair is her glory. Glory is defined as a : praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent : worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving giving glory to God.

My goal isn’t to make fun of the mom jeans and sweat pants. My goal is to show women the glory that comes with being a woman. The beautiful delicacy of our skin, and the voluptuous shape of our curves. The beauty that is defined by the contouring of our make up, the shape that our legs are given with the platform of our stilettos, and last but not least the movement and flow that our strands of glory give us.

There is a beauty and elegance that initially attracted your mate. There was a glow that surrounded you. A certain aspect about you caught their eye long enough to spark their curiosity. My job is to teach you how to feel that way about yourself. This is the time to fall in love with you. Right now. Today!

I dedicate myself to helping you develop yourself into the Empowered, beautiful, compassionate, soft, loving, glorious, victorious, and virtuous woman who God intended you to be. I love every single one of you already and I don’t even know who you are yet.

Your first step is to say the following passage to yourself today…

‘I am beautiful. I love myself. God loves me. I am not the body I am looking at, but I am the spiritual person that lies behind this. I will no longer allow myself to feel like my body isn’t good enough. As of today I will only complement my body, even when it doesn’t feel like I should. I will not speak lifeless words into my life or my body. I love my body, and now I will embark on a journey to mold my mind,body, and spirit into the form it was intended to be.’

Now share this blog with all the women that you want to bring along on this life changing movement! We are going to laugh, cry, heal, teach, and support each other to a better version of who we are now.

Love & Blessings